The Magic of Magdalenes Wood Fired Oven Pizza

More than 90 percent of people in the United States have consumed pizza in the last month. There's little doubt that Americans love their pizza. Humanity's love affair with pizza isn't limited to the U.S. 83% of consumers across the globe eat pizza at least once every month.Depending on you're location, you may have different types of pizza to choose from, such as stuffed pizza, NY-style, Chicago-style or thin crust pizza. If you're craving a pizza that boasts a perfect crust while highlighting the delightful flavors of fresh ingredients, a wood fired oven pizza is for you.

What Is Wood Fired Pizza?

Many pizza enthusiasts believe a wood fired oven is the absolute best way to create the most authentic pizza.Magdalenes Wood Fired Oven Pizza

Wood fired ovens cook by trapping heat. You don't cook your pizza from the heat of the fire. You heat up the bricks and walls of the oven, which allows the oven to reach high temperatures. Pizza ovens are made with layers of insulation and materials that trap the heat inside.

Learning to heat a wood fired pizza oven, you appreciate that the oven can get very hot. It can take hours to get heated up, but once it does it can cook a pizza in minutes.

How is Wood Fired Oven Pizza Prepared and Cooked?

Magdalenes pizza is prepared with the perfect amount of sauce, cheese and toppings in a wood fired oven. Fresh, healthy ingredients, chef-inspired menu options aren't the only things that make Magdalenes Pizza stand out from other area pizza joints. We offer nine delicious Chef Specials, four different kinds of crusts (regular, Gluten Free, Honey Wheat & Cauliflower), and over thirty different toppings. The options are endless, create your masterpiece today!

The Perfect Crust

The way we cook our pizzas distinguishes our pizza from others. There are two kinds of pizza. Pizza baked in an electric or gas oven, and pizza baked in a wood-fired oven, which is superior. Wood-fired ovens reach the soaring temperatures required for a properly cooked, slightly charred Neapolitan-style pizza. 

Wood fired pizzas cook quickly. Moisture from the sauce, cheese and toppings “burn off” fast, preventing the crust from becoming soggy. The extreme temperatures in a brick oven often yield eye-catching black marks on the crust. This is a signature of wood fired oven pizzas and help make them distinct from other types of pies. 

Benefits of Choosing Wood Fired Pizza

Now you know somethings that separate brick oven pizza from other kinds of pizza. You might be curious about why people prefer wood fired pizza over competing alternatives. The answer is simple: Brick oven pizza is better than other pizza variations! Hands down. Game over. The “fat” lady has sung. The verdict is in!

While there's such a thing as a bad pizza, we can assure you that there are some things that make wood fired pizza better.

The Perfect Crust: Wood Fired ovens crisp pies fast. They seal moisture in the dough, which prevents theCrispier Healthier Toppings 0CrJMk

underlying crust from becoming mushy and unable to support its toppings. The moisture from toppings and cheese cooks off quickly in a brick oven to keep the crust from getting soggy. 

Smoky Flavor: A wood fired oven pizza cooks using heat generated by burning wood. This type of pie has a smoky flavor that gas or electric ovens simply can't reproduce.

Crispier, Healthier Toppings: A wood fired oven's extreme heat cooks toppings evenly and quickly. This allows them to stay crispier than they would in a different kind of oven. With the toppings cooked so fast, the vegetables retain more of their vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, making them healthier.

If you want wood fired oven pizza that's considered the best hand-crafted pizza in Aguadilla, you should set your Google Maps to Magdalenes Pizza. Located near Raphael Hernandez Airport and the old Base Ramey, you can enjoy all the things that make wood fired oven pizza the #1 choice among pizza lovers. 

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